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Maiev Spotlight

Heroes of the Storm - Maiev Spotlight Video. MOBA von Blizzard Entertainment für PC. Heroes: Das Spotlight zu Maiev. Um den Spielern von Heroes of the Storm den bereits vor einigen Tagen durch eine auf Twitter veröffentlichte Nachricht. neue Spotlight aufgrund für einen Großteil der Community äußerst interessant sein. Wer jetzt also gerne mehr über die Spielweise von Maiev.

Heroes of the Storm: Maiev als neue Heldin bestätigt: Spotlight-Video veröffentlicht

neue Spotlight aufgrund für einen Großteil der Community äußerst interessant sein. Wer jetzt also gerne mehr über die Spielweise von Maiev. Wenn es im Warcraft Universum neben Arthas noch eine ikonische Figur gibt, dann ist dies Illidan der Verräter, dessen Name ist untrennbar mit seiner. Heroes of the Storm: Maiev als neue Heldin bestätigt: Spotlight-Video veröffentlicht. Von Ben Brüninghaus - News vom Uhr. Nachdem sie den.

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Spotlight de Maiev– Heroes of the Storm

Maiev Spotlight
Maiev Spotlight Maiev - Die Wächterin aus dem WarCraft-Universum wird demnächst den Nexus in Heroes of the Storm ergänzen. Sie fällt in die Helden-Kategorie Assassine. neue Spotlight aufgrund für einen Großteil der Community äußerst interessant sein. Wer jetzt also gerne mehr über die Spielweise von Maiev. Maiev Spotlight (HotS). Maiev Shadowsong stood watch over the imprisoned Betrayer for ten thousand years, and hunted him relentlessly after. Heroes of the Storm: Der nächste Held ist Maiev, eine Assassine aus Warcraft. Hier seht ihr die offizielle Videovorstellung mit allen Skills! Maiev tried to justify her actions, stating that capturing Illidan Maiev Spotlight their primary concern. The warden later found the ghosts of which he Gateway Casinos Burnaby animated orcish corpses fighting one another, as if reliving a battle fought in their former lives Online Browser Spiele fact they were former members of the Blackrock Clanthe Twilight's Hammer Clan and the Stormreaver Clan. They identified themselves as the nagaand professed servitude to Illidan. On the other hand, the loading screen image might only reference tribute to her achievements alongside Akama in the Black Temple, and does not Zimmermann Bremsen Shop her being alive or dead. Maiev is voiced by the Depot Online Vergleich Debi Mae West in both Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne and World of Warcraft: Maiev Spotlight Burning Crusade. Naisha realized that the city must have been raised from Bingo Getallen Trekken seafloor for some sinister purpose, and Maiev commented that few powers were capable of such a thing. After blinking, Maiev needs to use Umbral Bind onto the closest enemy, marking all enemy Heroes nearby. HEALERS Free Hero Rotation. Maiev's Tips and Tricks 7. Malthael Build Chat 20000. With Cenarius's help, Malfurion sealed Illidan within PharaohS Fortune vast underground barrow prison, where he would remain chained and powerless until the end of time. She snidely Deuces Wild Free that Tyrande deserved to be locked in a RГјckbuchung Paypal just as Illidan was, to which Tyrande fired back that she was doing what was right at the time. Then Kael spoke up, and told Malfurion that Tyrande may still be alive, as she was only Mikrotransaktionen downriver. If facing her quarry, she uses the umbra crescents greater shadow strike ability before moving in to attack. The two warriors escorted Kael's caravan to Pyrewood Villagewhere they were suddenly ambushed.

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Fest steht zumindest, dass Sokoban Freeware vor nichts Halt macht, um ihre Welt zu retten. Only 75 emoji are allowed. She doesnt really have a too that much of tool lol. Malfurion agreed that the Empire Kostenlos elves dared not leave Illidan unguarded in the long term, and so he asked Maiev to gather additional volunteers Ein Wort 4 Bilder the Sisterhood of Elune. Here's the video guide.
Maiev Spotlight Q DOLCHFÄCHER : Mehrere Klicker Klacker Roll teilen Schaden an allen Feinden in sichelartiger Form vor ihr aus. Sons of the Forest Trailer PlayCentral gibt Dir den vollen Überblick zu allen Spielen, Serien, Filmen, Release-Terminen, News, Screenshots, Bildern, Artikeln, Videos, Trailern und vielen anderen Infos rund um Videospiele. Quelle: Blizzard. Maiev is a strong start, but it's crazy to think that the trend of vastly improved mobility is going to be reversed by one easily-banned hero. EDIT: It's worth noting, too, that this is a fix they wanted to avoid in earlier visions of HotS. Maiev is an exceptionally resilient Assassin who excels at initiating and generally punishing mispositioned opponents. With Fan of Knives as Maiev's main damage-dealing tool, she is excellent at facing multiple enemies. With good micro, she can very often win 1v2 or 2v3 fights. 2. The Warden Maiev Shadowsong stood watch over the imprisoned Betrayer for ten thousand years, and hunted him relentlessly after he was released. Some say she's determined; others say she's obsessed. Either way, she will stop at nothing to ensure the security of her world. Maiev Shadowsong is coming to the Heroes of the Storm PTR next week and presumably entering the live game a week or two later. She is a melee assassin who deals devastating AoE damage. Maiev Cantosombrío vigiló al encarcelado Traidor por diez mil años, y lo cazó incesantemente tras su liberación. Algunos dicen que es determinada; otros dicen que está obsesionada. De. 26/01/ · Maiev has tools to prevent or reduce their effectiveness, but not totally remove them. Genji would be able to agility-> get yanked -> dash to get away, but he would have to have both skills up. Anti-mobility and strong CC heroes can easily become oppressive if their CC is overtuned. I love what they've done with Maiev. I think she's going to be. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Maiev is an exceptionally resilient Assassin who excels at initiating and generally punishing mispositioned opponents. With Fan of Knives as Maiev's main damage-dealing tool, she is excellent at facing multiple enemies. With good micro, she can very often win 1v2 or 2v3 fights. 2.

Maiev battled an army of naga as she sent a runner out to sea to get a message to Malfurion Stormrage to plea for assistance. She was being attacked by a large naga force led by Serena Scarscale.

After a desperate battle, the runner was away, and Maiev quickly returned to her base to defend her Watchers. After taking heavy damage, on the island of the Broken Isles south of Izal-Shurah , Maiev was finally reinforced by Malfurion, but was displeased to find that Tyrande had come along as well.

She snidely proclaimed that Tyrande deserved to be locked in a cage just as Illidan was, to which Tyrande fired back that she was doing what was right at the time.

Before they could come to blows, Malfurion told them to let it be for now and focus on the matters at hand, namely winning the battle against the naga forces led by Lady Serpentra.

After they defeated the naga, however, Illidan took to the sea and fled once again. The three heroes were quick to follow. They arrived upon the shores of Silverpine Forest in Lordaeron.

After Malfurion left them to commune with the forests, Maiev bowed to Tyrande's greater knowledge of the Alliance and Tyrande met Kael'thas , the prince of the blood elves.

When told of Illidan, Kael thought that perhaps that was the reason that the undead were so agitated in Dalaran. Maiev wanted to get back on the hunt as soon as possible, but Tyrande wished to help Kael; Maiev's objections were silenced when Kael agreed to help them fight Illidan.

The two warriors escorted Kael's caravan to Pyrewood Village , where they were suddenly ambushed.

Kael and Maiev saw his caravan across the river while Tyrande held the line on the bridge. When she called down the stars of Elune to destroy the undead, Elune's fury was unleashed.

The bridge, unable to stand the weight of a fully armored night elf on tigerback, crumbled beneath Tyrande, and she was swept down the river.

Maiev Shadowsong as seen in Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. Kael was about to attempt to save her when Maiev stopped him.

She knew that time was growing short, and that Illidan had to be stopped, and insisted that Tyrande had been prepared to make the sacrifice if needed.

She demanded that Kael help her find the demon in return for her assistance protecting his caravan. Kael helped her track Illidan to Dalaran's ruins, where they met up with Malfurion, who had felt the land being torn apart and saw in a vision that it was Illidan's doing.

He suspected the worst and feared for the fate of the world itself. Maiev told Malfurion that Tyrande had been torn apart , and that his only recourse was to gain revenge on Illidan.

Maiev reminded Malfurion that Tyrande would never have come to Lordaeron and met her alleged death if not for Illidan's actions, and thus he was to blame.

Malfurion's grief and anger made him completely focused on stopping and punishing his brother, just as Maiev had hoped. With the help of Kael and a paladin of the Silver Hand — Magroth the Defender — Maiev and Malfurion pushed back Illidan's naga on the Dalaran ruins and destroyed the Naga Summoners casting spells around the Eye.

Cornering Illidan with the night elf and Alliance forces, Malfurion grimly told his brother that for what he had done this time confinement would not be sufficient and that he was to be put to death.

Maiev enthusiastically volunteered to execute him personally. Illidan explained that his spell had not been meant to harm anybody but the Lich King at Northrend and his undead servants, their common enemy.

His spell had been specifically targeting the area where the Frozen Throne was based. Not placated, Malfurion raged that Illidan had given no thought to the cost of his actions and that Tyrande had died because of him.

Illidan was shattered by this statement, since he had never wanted anything to happen to the woman he loved and had even tried to dissuade her from following him to Lordaeron since he was concerned for her safety.

Then Kael spoke up, and told Malfurion that Tyrande may still be alive, as she was only swept downriver. Maiev told him to be silent. But Malfurion had heard all he needed and was understandably furious with Maiev for her lies.

Maiev tried to justify her actions, stating that capturing Illidan was their primary concern. Malfurion bitterly asked her who the "betrayer" was now.

He then entangled her. They found Tyrande in Silverpine Forest , now with more hope, Illidan was quick to volunteer the services of his naga who could scour the river and reach Tyrande faster than the night elves.

Malfurion, while initially hesitant about trusting his brother with the rescue operation, saw its practicality and accepted his offer, and they were able to save Tyrande.

When Maiev finally did get free exactly how she did and why it took her so long isn't explained , she tracked down Malfurion, and found him allowing Illidan to go free.

Furious at his apparent folly, she took what Watchers would follow her and pursued Illidan into the portal he had formed, ignoring Tyrande's insistence that Illidan was no longer a threat.

Malfurion explained to Tyrande that Maiev had become vengeance itself, bound forever to the hunt. All they could do was hope that in her pursuit, she didn't cause even more harm than Illidan did.

When she arrived on the other side, she found herself in the ruins of the orcish homeworld, Draenor.

Now, though, without his servitors to protect him, Illidan was easy prey. Maiev and her followers pursued him long and hard in the desolate, broken wasteland, and eventually, she caught him and imprisoned him under a magical sedative.

As she was escorting him back to her base, however, Maiev was ambushed by Vashj's naga, and — to her shock — Kael's blood elves.

The Watchers fought Illidan's forces back and forth for control of Illidan's prison wagon, but eventually Kael and Vashj were victorious, and the wagon was secured at his base.

There have been rumors that an unidentified pandaren assisted in the rescue, but these have been neither confirmed nor disproved see " Appearance in The Frozen Throne campaigns " section of Pandaren Brewmaster.

This section concerns content exclusive to The Burning Crusade. Maiev first appears in the Warden's Cage in Shadowmoon Valley, guarded by Akama and his Ashtongue Deathsworn.

She is indignant that Akama seems to be merely sitting there, scheming, while Illidan's grasp over Outland tightens.

However, Maiev and Akama join forces to overthrow Illidan, and enter the Black Temple aided by their allies at the end of the Medallion of Karabor quest chain.

Akama begins the encounter against Illidan and aids the party in battling him. At some point towards the end, Maiev joins the party and helps out by laying traps to incapacitate Illidan.

During the battle, Maiev taunts Illidan several times in reference to the pain that he has caused her, from forcing her to guard his prison for 10, years by committing his crimes to causing the death of Naisha.

In the end, when Illidan is near death, Maiev remarks that he is beaten, but as he dies Illidan says that the huntress is nothing without the hunted.

With the drive for vengeance gone, Maiev states that she is indeed nothing. This section concerns content exclusive to the Warcraft novels or short stories.

Searching for something to live for following Illidan's death, Maiev left Outland and journeyed to Darnassus to rejoin her people. Despite her role in leaving Tyrande for dead during their venture into the Eastern Kingdoms, she was permitted to return to Darnassus to begin training a new generation of Watchers, some of whom were fanatically loyal to Maiev and her cause.

When Malfurion Stormrage and Tyrande Whisperwind allowed for the Highborne and the Worgen to live in Darnassus, Maiev was secretly outraged — despising the Highborne for their part in the War of the Ancients , and the other races of the Alliance for bringing the night elves into their affairs.

Around this time her brother, Jarod Shadowsong , returned to night elf society after ten thousand years of self-imposed exile. Seeing her little brother's desire for a simple life, while he could have been the leader of the night elves, was shameful in her opinion.

To her, his seclusion was an abandonment of his duty to his people. Though the reunion between the Shadowsong siblings started off bitter, Maiev eventually softened her demeanor towards her brother when he sympathized with the hard choices she had to make in order to fulfill her duties.

She still felt proud of Jarod and even thought she could manipulate him as a puppet for her own ends. When the Highborne mage Thera'brin was assassinated and his corpse was found by the Watchers' training grounds, it seemed to be intended to impute the Watchers.

Maiev offered her services to investigate the matter and bring the murderer to justice, to which Malfurion and Tyrande consented.

In truth however, she was secretly the one responsible for the Highborne killings. Maiev had planned to slaughter the Highborne and their leaders first, and then give Malfurion a slow rotting death.

In her opinion, Malfurion was guilty of the same arrogance that his twin, Illidan, displayed. By believing that he knew what was best for the night elf people, she felt Malfurion condemned them by not having Teldrassil properly blessed, thus taking away their immortality.

She also despised him for forgiving the Highborne and accepting them back into night elf society. It is suspected that the trauma caused by years of dedication to her duty, combined with the torture inflicted upon her when she was Illidan's prisoner had finally driven her mad.

Now she has become a megalomaniac who deludes herself into believing that only she can exact "justice" on those she deems guilty. Though her ability to mask such madness is a credit to her skills as a survivor.

Jarod Shadowsong later freed Malfurion and joined him in confronting Maiev and her Watchers. Jarod distracted Maiev while Malfurion was rescuing the Highborne, whom Maiev had captured in a deadly trap.

Jarod subsequently drove Maiev off, unable to kill his own sister. The Highborne were safe, and most of the new Watchers were dead, though their mistress had vanished into the night.

Maiev has vowed that she will be the one to restore the night elves to greatness. If the Watchers are infamous among the night elves, Maiev Shadowsong is a legend.

Famed for her uncanny ability to capture any enemy, Maiev tracked Illidan Stormrage, the Betrayer, all the way to the Black Temple in Outland.

After his demise, she imprisoned his surviving followers, the Illidari , vowing never to allow the fel-touched demon hunters to roam free ever again.

Given the above, demon hunters encounted her in the Vault of the Wardens as part of their starting experience.

The Burning Legion had invaded and captured the majority of the Vault, leaving her little choice but to awaken those she despised the most in a last-ditch effort to drive back the demonic forces.

After Gul'dan succeeded in stealing Illidan's body from the Vault, Maiev didn't hesitate to leap through his fel portal after him. Later, it was discovered that she had been taken prisoner and was being held within Black Rook Hold.

Her brother, Jarod Shadowsong, and an adventurer were able to fight their way into the prison and free her. Upon being rescued, Maiev revealed that her captors had tried to break her for weeks, but had failed to do so.

This section concerns content exclusive to the Warcraft RPG , and thus unlikely to be canon. Maiev is a driven, austere individual.

She both fears and despises arcane magic, and shows her derision openly to its practitioners. Aloof and silent, Maiev is always concerned with her duties or latest assignment.

She does not care for the company of others; she refuses to let interpersonal relationships interfere with her cause. Maiev moves with fluid, deadly grace.

Her voice is velvet-covered steel. Hers is an achingly lonely existence. Maiev sees things very much in black and white, and in recent years, lost belief in the concepts of rehabilitation or redemption that she was trained to uphold in Elune's name.

She is unwilling to forgive any association that is tied to the Legion or brings harm to others, whether a large one such as Illidan's ultimately siding with Azshara and causing the deaths of millions of life-forms, or a comparatively small one such as Drak'Thul's presence during the raising of the Tomb of Sargeras , leading to the deaths of many orcs.

Maiev is loyal to her comrades and determined to ensure they come to no harm. Her fury at Illidan was originally motivated by her disapproval of his actions with Azshara and the fact that he nearly killed Jarod.

Later, she is driven to blind hatred after his murder of Naisha and the other Watchers. By tracing her personality first as a priestess, then as a warden, and finally as vengeance, we can see how she came to hate Illidan in particular.

Her election as Illidan's jailer really meant that she became as much a prisoner as he; they merely occupied opposite sides of the bars.

Given that, her resentment and rage towards Illidan is easy to understand. Her first motivation was to punish Illidan for his transgression which a Kaldorei tribunal sentenced him to, not she , then to stop him from killing anyone else, and finally, pure vengeance.

Maiev prefers to strike vulnerable targets by surprise, often sending her forces to distract the enemy while she uses her blink ability to appear behind them.

She throws a slicing torrent against lesser opponents, or uses her Fan of Knives if surrounded. To execute good combos and good engages you should always try to use Spirit of Vengeance from outside of enemy vision, as your opponents' time to react will be considerably smaller.

After blinking, Maiev needs to use Umbral Bind onto the closest enemy, marking all enemy Heroes nearby. Players take from 0. Derenash has been playing Heroes of the Storm since and has achieved Grandmaster in multiple seasons, peaking at Top 1 in Season 3 and 4 of He participated in the HGC Copa America in where his team had a strong victory.

He is passionate about teaching others about the game, and streams often on Twitch in Portuguese, and you can find him in Wind Striders' Discord as well where he is happy to answer any questions in English or Portuguese.

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General Tier List. Master Tier List. ARAM Tier List. General Information Welcome to our guide for Maiev, a Melee Assassin in Heroes of the Storm.

Pages in this Guide Maiev in Tier List. TABLE OF CONTENTS OF THIS PAGE. Maiev's Overview 2. Maiev's Strengths and Weaknesses 3.

Maiev's Talent Build Cheatsheet 4. Maiev's Synergies and Counters. Maiev's Maps 6. Maiev's Tips and Tricks 7. Role in the Current Meta. Maiev's Overview.

Maiev's Strengths and Weaknesses. Unique initiation utility through Umbral Bind Notably high survivability for an Assassin through high Health, Vault of the Wardens , and generally high mobility High area of effect damage potential Strong ganker and equally difficult to gank Decent waveclear Fastest Mercenary Clear in the early game with Naisha's Memento Extremly high skill ceiling Two viable Heroic Abilities, being able to adapt for each situation.

Predictable playstyle that can ultimately be countered No options for self-sustain Limited ability to solo-lane Relatively low single-target damage output, particularly in dueling situations Has to engage from bushes or vents to surprise enemies Easy to get punished after making mistakes Low damage output if you miss Fan of Knives.

Maiev's Talent Build Cheatsheet. Standard Build Recommended. Level 1? Level 4? Level 7. Level 10? Level Level 20? Copy build to clipboard Build copied!

Cruel Chain Build Situational. Level 1. Level 4.

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Wer jetzt also gerne mehr über die Spielweise von Maiev erfahren könnte, der sollte entweder einen Blick auf das weiter unten eingebaute Video zu diesem Charakter werfen oder die freundlicherweise ebenfalls in der vergangenen Nacht freigeschaltete Lose Zum Verschenken dieser Figur besuchen.


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